<3 farzana (raarar) wrote,
<3 farzana

officially, i suck at computers.

good times. my parents bought a new macbook and offered up their ol POS for my scavenging. free parts sure what the hell. I have serious apple envy though because my parents, and my sister, and my sisters boyfriend all have one. Somehow, somewhere I get this crazy idea that just because mac os supports intel chips that it will run on my computer. So i run out (luckily.. if that counts in this situation; i didn't pay full price) and buy leopard. Totally ready to install it on my computer only to figure out hey this doesn't work. So now I have an open copy of leopard and nothing to do with it. the internet almost saved me by showing me the osx86 project which makes OSX run on intel based x86 computers, but wouldn't you know my motherboard is too old and it is incompatible with my HDD Controller. So after all that fun I gave up. Was able to tell best buy my copy didn't work so I could get a new sealed copy to sell on ebay. try to make some of that money back. Well at least I got some new parts for the computer. A new mouse, switched a 1.8ghz celeron for a 2.5ghz. switched a 30gb hdd for a 120gb hdd. switched the 17" CRT that hisses for a 17" lcd flat screen that has a weird picture.

So i go through the entire days worth of reinstalling everything last week.
then today.
sweet. I got the bitch to reboot, but i guess i'm putting that 30gb fucker back in there.

i need a god damn mac. fuck you economy.
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