<3 farzana (raarar) wrote,
<3 farzana


COMM 120 Interpersonal Communication
CSIS 113 Introduction To UNIX (F)
CSIS 142 Introduction To Networking
CSIS 143 Introduction To Local Area Networks
CSIS 144 Wide Area Networks
CSIS 145 Introduction To TCP/IP
CSIS 299 Intermediate Web Publishing/Dynamic HTML
CSIS 299 Intro to Java Programming
CSIS 299 Javascript Programming
ENGL 110 College Compostion
ENGL 120 College Compostion & Reading
ES 120A Beginning Bowling
HIST 109 Modern America History
JAPN 120 Japanese 1 (D)
MATH 103 Intermediate Algebra
PHIL 130 Logic
PSY 120 Introductory Psychology
SOC 125 Marriage And Alternative Lifestyles
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