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<3 farzana

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browsing teh interwebs. [March 30th 2009|7:43pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

I now have 4 different web browsers installed because sometimes they don't have the will to do my bidding.
Still thinking about that mac.

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Good old XBOX.. (The original, not the 360) [February 11th 2009|8:50pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Oh xbox... how I enjoyed you for Halo 2. I'm glad that microsoft's products are such pieces of shit that the 2nd xbox... The one I bought it 2005, no longer works (disc tray won't open). I fear I might of already broken it as I got a little mad.. But I'm going to buy some kind of tool to open it. So I will be very excited when my 360 breaks soon then, as seems to be the cycle with these products, since I'm on my 2nd 360 as well.. Granted there are no moving parts, but I'm pretty sure my 20 year old Nintendo that I took apart as a kid still works fine.

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wtf [December 26th 2008|4:57pm]
i hate being old and out of the loop.


i got duffman, apu, and fat tony. they are $8 a piece though.. :/
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lolcat [December 2nd 2008|8:24pm]
funny pictures of cats with captions
more animals
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yeah i'm one of those guys now. [November 5th 2008|2:37pm]
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my old neighbor. [November 3rd 2008|9:39pm]
out of boredom i put my address in google maps and it told me there was a company called ICR Financial Center located at my address. (apt #4 though, not #3 which i live in.) so i do a little goggling to figure out what it is and the best thing i find (this) which after skimming over is a desist and refrain order form the state of california for selling 13 million dollars worth of promissory notes. Well he ran ICR and was teamed up with another company in florida to pull this off. He was sorta weird.

He lived here for like 6 years our landlord told us, but still lived in germany too, and often dissappeared there for months at a time. he moved out maybe 4 months ago.. but i think he still rents out a garage across the alley because i see people in there sometimes that i remember seeing at his apt. and then he was in the garage maybe a week ago. wtf is going on.

The desist and refrain is from before we even moved in though, so maybe some shit went down before we got here.... whatever, back to google maps.
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officially, i suck at computers. [October 14th 2008|6:41pm]
good times. my parents bought a new macbook and offered up their ol POS for my scavenging. free parts sure what the hell. I have serious apple envy though because my parents, and my sister, and my sisters boyfriend all have one. Somehow, somewhere I get this crazy idea that just because mac os supports intel chips that it will run on my computer. So i run out (luckily.. if that counts in this situation; i didn't pay full price) and buy leopard. Totally ready to install it on my computer only to figure out hey this doesn't work. So now I have an open copy of leopard and nothing to do with it. the internet almost saved me by showing me the osx86 project which makes OSX run on intel based x86 computers, but wouldn't you know my motherboard is too old and it is incompatible with my HDD Controller. So after all that fun I gave up. Was able to tell best buy my copy didn't work so I could get a new sealed copy to sell on ebay. try to make some of that money back. Well at least I got some new parts for the computer. A new mouse, switched a 1.8ghz celeron for a 2.5ghz. switched a 30gb hdd for a 120gb hdd. switched the 17" CRT that hisses for a 17" lcd flat screen that has a weird picture.

So i go through the entire days worth of reinstalling everything last week.
then today.
sweet. I got the bitch to reboot, but i guess i'm putting that 30gb fucker back in there.

i need a god damn mac. fuck you economy.
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video games. [March 15th 2008|2:05pm]
anyone who reads this will think i'm crazy. but i got bargin hunting skillz. i decided that i should sort out all the video game's that i've bought in the past 6 months and actually play them now that i weened myself off of halo 3 mysteriously. on the list we got...

transformers for ps2. ($10 at toys r us, seeing as i bought a ps3 in NOVEMBER, i can play this one now.)
paper mario TYD for gc ($10 at best buy [price matched] was probably 2/3 of the way through, but then halo 3 came out.)
the orange box for 360 ($60.. basically just spent it on portal, which i beat in 4 hours.)
urban chaos riot response for xbox ($5 at best buy. I'm a sucker for $5 games.)
the simpsons game for 360 ($60.. it's the simpsons, and it's still in the shrink wrap because i didn't like the demo, it came out on 10/30/07.. and that's how much i didn't like the demo.)
all pro football 2k8 for 360 ($7.50 at target. sorta wanted a football game, didn't really care.)
gun for 360 ($5 at best buy. played it way back in the day, totally worth $5)
spider man 3 for 360 ($12 at target. probably not good, just wanted to have it.)
ghost squad for wii (xmas present. the wii zapper is stupid, i need the handgun.)
drill dozer for gba ($6.50 at alberstons. i heard it was good, and it's not bad.)
star wars episode III for xbox ($7.50 at target. who doesn't like star wars?)
breeders cup for xbox ($2.50 at target. it's a horse racing game that is never getting played.)
championship bowling for xbox ($2.50 at target. not good really. but come on, they were only $2.50 each!)
super smash bros brawl for wii ($50 at best buy. it's awesome.)
guitar hero 3 for 360 ($60 at best buy. i got a $10 gift card for buying it with smash bros though.)
mlb 2k8 for 360 ($10 at best buy.. i had a $50 reward zone coupon)
condemned 2 for 360 ($50 at best buy [price match] and i got a free $10 gift card.)
Jericho for ps3 ($12.50 at target. only took me 4 months to buy a ps3 game...)
spider man friend or foe for 360 ($12.50 at target. what, i like spiderman.)

so not counting the time i've spent playing a few of these since tuesday, i've spent almost $355 on games in the last six months and haven't played any of them. i need to get going on these. but only after i play halo a little first. :D
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school [November 20th 2007|7:01pm]
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banana [November 7th 2007|5:08pm]
[ mood | sick ]

is it universal that it shows how you feel about someone if you are willing to learn another language for them?

p.s. apparently not.

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ifhy [November 3rd 2006|1:40pm]
dear anaCollapse )
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howdy. [October 1st 2006|4:45pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i haven't used this thing in awhile.

i read about a "sigh" and thought maybe i should put something. sigh indeed. :)

anyways, for the ... three, maybe four of you that read this. i'm doing fantastic. somewhat tired, but it's worth it. totally worth it. i have a tattoo appointment on the 12th. if anyone wants to eat pokez before/after call me. i'll be in downtown in the semighetto. hopefully the ink stays this time. :/

i need to get ready to go over to your house now. so i bid lj adieu.

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[October 5th 2005|10:07am]
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deftones [October 2nd 2004|9:14am]
[ mood | fucking great. ]

oh shit. they played can't even breathe.. no need to type it really, i'll never forget.

deftones x14

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oh my god. [October 1st 2004|10:26am]
[ mood | excited ]

i thought deftones were going to be gay last night. (not themselves exactly, but the crowd.) because they opened with hexagram and no one moved. and i was pissed. and then everyone got crazy in normal fashion and i took my though back. not the best show, not the worst.. but fucking great none the less. like chino singing the wrong song during lotion, and him talking about nitrous. ... fun times.

deftones x13
dj c-minus x1

p.s. see you again tonight deftones :D

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oh man. [September 30th 2004|1:05pm]

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donkey konga [September 29th 2004|11:24pm]
[ mood | donkey konga ]

greatest game ever. not really, but real fucking close.
donkey konga

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i had a dream. [September 26th 2004|9:13am]
[ mood | tired ]

my dream was sweet. i was staying with deftones. who knows where. and i just got to hang out and talk with them, and there was this older mexican lady there. i don't know if she was a maid or what, but she only spoke spanish, and she was trying to give me some action figures. and she was talking to me while i was on the phone with someone, so i couldn't understand either of them. it was weird. is was a nice change of dreams though, like 90% of my dreams have been about work in the past few weeks.

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i figured i haven't in awhile. [September 24th 2004|9:35pm]
hmm.. the update screen is different, i guess it really has been awhile. anyways, thought i'd say that got the car all sorta out. so i can speed on the freeway and not keep an eye out for cops every second now. nothing much else. video games and school have ruled me lately. too many good games coming out. i can't fucking wait for donkey konga. but then once that's here, it won't matter because i get to see deftones two fucking days in a row. i do have to miss gratitude though which totally sucks my ass. but that's work for you. that's about all, gonna go play something now.

and p.s. livejournal, by the size of this new update screen, do you assume everyone's screen resolution is 1024x768? because it's not. i have enough trouble reading my 800x600 sometimes with this eyesight.
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sup. [September 11th 2004|11:56am]
[ mood | busy ]

hello. my cpu died... about a week ago, and i just got the computer working again this morning.

(well the new one anyways. sorta. whatever.)

i saw resident evil apocalypse, it was okay. the soundtrack is tight though, and so is killswitch engage, i bought thier cd. okay. bye.

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