<3 farzana (raarar) wrote,
<3 farzana

my old neighbor.

out of boredom i put my address in google maps and it told me there was a company called ICR Financial Center located at my address. (apt #4 though, not #3 which i live in.) so i do a little goggling to figure out what it is and the best thing i find (this) which after skimming over is a desist and refrain order form the state of california for selling 13 million dollars worth of promissory notes. Well he ran ICR and was teamed up with another company in florida to pull this off. He was sorta weird.

He lived here for like 6 years our landlord told us, but still lived in germany too, and often dissappeared there for months at a time. he moved out maybe 4 months ago.. but i think he still rents out a garage across the alley because i see people in there sometimes that i remember seeing at his apt. and then he was in the garage maybe a week ago. wtf is going on.

The desist and refrain is from before we even moved in though, so maybe some shit went down before we got here.... whatever, back to google maps.
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