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video games.

anyone who reads this will think i'm crazy. but i got bargin hunting skillz. i decided that i should sort out all the video game's that i've bought in the past 6 months and actually play them now that i weened myself off of halo 3 mysteriously. on the list we got...

transformers for ps2. ($10 at toys r us, seeing as i bought a ps3 in NOVEMBER, i can play this one now.)
paper mario TYD for gc ($10 at best buy [price matched] was probably 2/3 of the way through, but then halo 3 came out.)
the orange box for 360 ($60.. basically just spent it on portal, which i beat in 4 hours.)
urban chaos riot response for xbox ($5 at best buy. I'm a sucker for $5 games.)
the simpsons game for 360 ($60.. it's the simpsons, and it's still in the shrink wrap because i didn't like the demo, it came out on 10/30/07.. and that's how much i didn't like the demo.)
all pro football 2k8 for 360 ($7.50 at target. sorta wanted a football game, didn't really care.)
gun for 360 ($5 at best buy. played it way back in the day, totally worth $5)
spider man 3 for 360 ($12 at target. probably not good, just wanted to have it.)
ghost squad for wii (xmas present. the wii zapper is stupid, i need the handgun.)
drill dozer for gba ($6.50 at alberstons. i heard it was good, and it's not bad.)
star wars episode III for xbox ($7.50 at target. who doesn't like star wars?)
breeders cup for xbox ($2.50 at target. it's a horse racing game that is never getting played.)
championship bowling for xbox ($2.50 at target. not good really. but come on, they were only $2.50 each!)
super smash bros brawl for wii ($50 at best buy. it's awesome.)
guitar hero 3 for 360 ($60 at best buy. i got a $10 gift card for buying it with smash bros though.)
mlb 2k8 for 360 ($10 at best buy.. i had a $50 reward zone coupon)
condemned 2 for 360 ($50 at best buy [price match] and i got a free $10 gift card.)
Jericho for ps3 ($12.50 at target. only took me 4 months to buy a ps3 game...)
spider man friend or foe for 360 ($12.50 at target. what, i like spiderman.)

so not counting the time i've spent playing a few of these since tuesday, i've spent almost $355 on games in the last six months and haven't played any of them. i need to get going on these. but only after i play halo a little first. :D
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