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October 13, 2006: "my life in a nutshell"
jul 05: fuck this.

oct 05: deftones b-sides & rarites made me smile for a sec.

may 06: divorce final.

oct 06: new girl, all ties from x severed. new tattoo. new deftones cd on the 31st.

you better fucking believe this smile is real.

October 6, 2006: "i cleared up everyone's confusion. (including my own)"

she's my gf now. =)

October 5, 2006: "put it up on your face. hallelujah."
so we're offically "dating". not bf/gf yet but we decided that there won't be anyone else for either of us anymore. and then i reached that "afraid i'm gonna fuck everything up" phase. it sucks. but i'm working through it. today's the dr appointment. [sigmoidoscopy]. but after that is the padres playoff game. then tonight i get to see ana. later then normal. but i don't care as long as i get to see her.

September 28, 2006: "hey...hey...hey"
i like this smile on my face. it doesn't go away. no one else has said anything. but i feel it there constantly.

girl... +new deftones song on myspace today only. +my music has felt 10x better since i've been happy.

=) i think i'm going to go talk about getting a new tattoo tommorow. and i've been thinking about literally getting <3 tattoo'd on my arm.. we'll see.

September 21, 2006: "good news everybody!"
oh my god. i had a good week. i've learned to live with little sleep. i spent more time with my "crush". i told her how i really feel about her and she didn't split. if anything it's made us closer. i sold that fucking datsun last week. besides the astounding lack of free time. life get's an A+. speaking of no free time. sat. night i want to watch ufc from 7-10pm. i'm supposed to work 4am-2:30pm [ish] but i am going to the padres game at 1:05 sun. best solution? sleep as much as i can during the day saturday and stay up all night till after the padres game. this should be fun. =) oh. DEFTONES 11/12. yay. good week. =)

September 3, 2006: "hmmm."
i think my work schedule is making me depressed.

August 31, 2006: "i think my work hours make me depressed"
but i like my job otherwise. except for putting so many miles on my car.... at least gas is free.

July 14 2006: "i don't know"
last night was fun. i went and bought some cd's i've needed to get for awhile. and went to see the minibosses. which failed miserably because my bed time is so early now because of my new job. so i had to leave at midnite before they even played. i got their cd though which is very enjoyable. also last night i was on a "date" with a friend of a friend. she's attractive. and i had a good time. but it led me to think that either i'm really bad with goodbye's or that i suck at going on dates.

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