<3 farzana (raarar) wrote,
<3 farzana

i figured i haven't in awhile.

hmm.. the update screen is different, i guess it really has been awhile. anyways, thought i'd say that got the car all sorta out. so i can speed on the freeway and not keep an eye out for cops every second now. nothing much else. video games and school have ruled me lately. too many good games coming out. i can't fucking wait for donkey konga. but then once that's here, it won't matter because i get to see deftones two fucking days in a row. i do have to miss gratitude though which totally sucks my ass. but that's work for you. that's about all, gonna go play something now.

and p.s. livejournal, by the size of this new update screen, do you assume everyone's screen resolution is 1024x768? because it's not. i have enough trouble reading my 800x600 sometimes with this eyesight.
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